Thumbico Thumbico is a program that can easily extract the icons from any program or file. Download Thumbico free and you will be able to save and modify any icon
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Thumbico is a tool which doesn't require installation and that allows to extract the icons from any file, document, image, video or program, and change its size, format or color. What's more, it's very easy-to-use and you will be able to save the icons on your computer. To use Thumbico you only have to drag and drop any file to its interface and you will be able to view the icon.

Main features

  • Drag and drop: ti view the icon or miniature of any file you only have to drag and drop it on the Thumbico interface. You will also have the possibility to drag and drop the file on top of the Thumbico executable even if the application isn't open.
  • It offers the possibility to save the icons as JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP. Moreover, it allows the possibility to copy the miniature to paste it in another application or location.
  • Thumbico allows to easily modify the size of the icons: you can use the Control + keyboard shortcut to increase the size or Control – to reduce it. You can also use the commands from the application's menu.

Choose the icons you like

Once you have extracted the icons from any file, you will be able to apply certain modifications. You will be able to eliminate the color and convert the miniature to scale of gray, rotate the image, change its size or modify the background color.

Don't thing about it and download Thumbico free, a simple tool to extract icons.

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