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91.10.0 Always have your email manager on you thanks to Thunderbird Portable. Place your mail manager on your USB pendrive once you download Thunderbird Portable
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Thunderbird is, without a doubt, one of the most widespread and versatile email clients due to its capacity, security and power. What's more, since it is freeware, it is easily adaptable to any need and due to this, its portable version is more than enough. Thunderbird Portable allows you to have your email client on any PC by just carrying around a USB pendrive.

The take-away version of this email manager

With Thunderbird Portable we will obtain the same functions that the popular email client offers, this means, support for IMAP/POP protocols, HTML mail, news, RSS, tags, spellchecker, support for extensions and skins or themes, integrated search engines, PGP ciphering and a powerful SPAM filter.

All this with the possibility of launching it without installing it, and the possibility to work from any USB drive.

As with the installable version, Thunderbird includes advanced security measures that make sure that no attached file auto-executes, as well as being able to configure it with various user accounts. To sum up, a very interesting email client to take around with you in your pocket.
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