If you still use news groups TIFNY will come in practical. Download TIFNY free, a news client with which to subscribe and receive interesting information

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The users of the news groups that still exist, can enjoy them with TIFNY, a news client that allows the user to follow any group once they are connected to the NNTP server.

  The news groups are excellent sources for all kinds of information, and up to the arrival of blogs and websites with practically real-time information update, they were practically the only source from which we could receive information. They were also the preferred option for file sharing before the proliferation of P2P nets and direct downloading.

  With TIFNY, once we have connected to the news server, we will be able to subscribe to any group or thread, and the client will download all the comments that are published. Searching and selecting the groups is something that is very easy, intuitive and totally free when using TIFNY.

  Logically, it allows us to read the headline of each comment before downloading anything, something that used to be very important, because most people didn't have a cable connection. What's more, it includes filters that learn over time the information that the user downloads.

  With the embedded search engine, it was very easy to find certain text in the headlines, so that we can access the information we are looking for in less time.
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