Timed Shutdown


Download Timed Shutdown totally free of charge and schedule the automatic shut-down, rebooting, hibernation, blocking or any other computer status

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Schedule the shut-down, rebooting, hibernation or suspension of your computer with Timed Shutdown. This simple tool will allow you to automate any of these operations so that you don't have to do them manually, and therefore save time and money.

How to use Timed Shutdown?

The interface of Timed Shutdown is rather simple, just like its configuration:

  • Choose how to activate its functions, at a certain time or using a timer.
  • Establish the timetable or time.
  • Choose the action to be carried out: shut-down, rebooting, suspension, hibernation, blocking...

As an additional option you can establish a sound alert whenever it is almost the time to launch any of the actions of Timed Shutdown. You can also enable an option to force the shut-down of open applications when Timed Shutdown starts to run.

If you need your computer to carry out any of these operations without your participation, download Timed Shutdown for free.

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