Timershot takes photos with your webcam at the intervals of your choice. Download Timershot for free and see who is sitting in front of your computer

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The tools that Microsoft made available to the general public under the name of PowerToys are basically small programs with very simple tasks that, nevertheless, can be very useful in specific situations. Webcam Timershot is one of those PowerToys.

  This tool can basically be used to take a photo with a webcam at regular intervals. Once installed and having configured the webcam, Timershot allows you to select it, configure the frequency with which it will take the photos and the resolution of these snaps. Furthermore, it will allow you to indicate the name with which we want to store the photographs, and their location.

  Like all the PowerToys, its usefulness is limited, it isn't a software application with enormous features and possibilities, but it's more than enough for the majority of users. For example, it isn't a very advanced security software, but it can be used to keep an eye on a lone area of a warehouse, or a room that is usually closed. As well as being a really simple application to take photos with the webcam.
Requirements and additional information:
Only works on Windows XP.
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