TimeTask is an application that combines a task programmer with a personal organizer. Activate and deactivate music playback once you download TimeTask free

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There are applications towards which we are indifferent when we test them, while there are others that surprise us due to the options that they include and the ease with which they can be used and this is the case with TimeTask.

Manage your agenda and your computer's tasks

TimeTask is a manager that is rather peculiar, because it combines the typical options offered in an organizer (manage appointments and calls) with system options that can come in handy when trying to optimize the computer (open file, launch application, block, log off, reboot or standby).

Inputting each of the entries and task is relatively simple and it allows to add commentaries for each one of them, and it will even be possible to establish if it has to be a simple action or if it has to take place every certain time (daily, each week, month or year).

But what is really surprising of TimeTask is the audio player that it includes, and that allows the possibility to program the playback of music at certain times of the day according to the users wishes, and even to separate the music that is used by genres.

Download TimeTask free to be able to enjoy a different personal organizer.

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Scott McLure
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