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TinyCards for Android is Duolingo’s answer to those users who want to learn anything as fast as possible. Increase your knowledge thanks to this app

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Many of you have surely heard about Duolingo by now, the ultimate application to learn languages that users can find on all platforms. Since their thing is education, its creators decided to launch another app meant to help users learn about many topics at full speed.

A game combining different disciplines to help you learn.

This is why they have created TinyCards, an app that includes fun mini-games to help you learn about languages, philosophy, general knowledge, and many other subjects. They clearly master edutainment, and they have decided to place their bets on it when developing this new proposal.

Smart learning techniques at your disposal

One of TinyCards interesting aspects is the use of techniques such as spaced repetition to get users to retain the knowledge they want to acquire. To do this, they use questions & answers and memorization games where the cards are your most important tools. As users progress, new levels are unlocked, and you can create your own decks of cards for your own games.

The good thing about TinyCards is that users can learn anything ranging from the world’s capitals to vocabulary of a foreign language. There is no better way if what you need is to learn as quickly as possible. The following are TinyCards’ main features:

  • Token learning.
  • Incremental difficulty.
  • New challenges and levels are unlocked as users progress.
  • Wide variety of topics to learn about.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0
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