TinyWebRadio is a practical program to listen to the radio on the Internet. Download TinyWebRadio and enjoy your favorite radio stations comfortably

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The author of this program had a small problem, he couldn't find any convincing software to listen to the radio on the Internet. And since he couldn't find any, he decided to program one himself, the result of this project is TinyWebRadio.

  This program covers its task perfectly, it tunes in to any radio station from all over the World that broadcasts on the Internet via streaming, with a minimalist yet effective interface, we will find all the buttons necessary, information about the radio that is tuned in and a couple of charts, as well as the fact that TinyWebRadio allows us to save the broadcasts that we listen to, which is a real accomplishment.

  The program includes a heap of pre-tuned radio stations, stored by decades, with the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's clearly separated, and what's more TinyWebRadio changes your Messenger status according to what you are listening to.

  To sum up, if you like listening to the radio online, and you want an application that hardly needs any resources to accomplish its task, TinyWebRadio is the perfect choice.
Johan Mårtensson
Over a year ago
This month
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