RLB - REAL LIFE BRAZIL is an action and adventure game a la GTA: San Andreas, where the action plays out in dangerous neighborhoods in the cities of Brazil

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Around 2004, GTA: San Andreas was released and its format revolutionized the world of videogames: a setting in which to carry out missions, but at the same time that can be freely explored, and where the player can perform all kinds of actions. Since then, there have been dozens of games that have followed that blueprint and among them, we find RLB - REAL LIFE BRAZIL.

A thug on the most dangerous streets in Brazil

Here we are going to be able to enjoy moving freely around a world that aims to resemble the neighborhoods on the periphery of any large Brazilian city. We will be able to commit crimes and sow chaos as we please, assaulting passers-by, stealing vehicles, looting, shooting, attacking the police... we will be able to do anything we can think of to break the law, while freely exploring an open world on foot or driving all kinds of vehicles: cars, motorbikes, buses...

The game features reasonable graphics and simple controls, as well as the following features, that make it a good, interesting alternative to Grand Theft Auto:

  • Settings based on large Brazilian cities.
  • Move around freely.
  • Complete missions and jobs.
  • Buy new vehicles.
  • Use a phone to take photos, listen to music, or check messages.
  • A map for getting better oriented.
  • Drive different vehicles and change the type of camera.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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3 months ago
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