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Tokyo Afterschool Summoners is a fun free-to-play role-playing game for cell-phones that stands out for being among the first LGBT titles produced in Japan

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The lottery of fate has decided that you become a powerful summoner. One fine day, you wake up in a version of the city of Tokyo inhabited by supernatural creatures, mythological beings, and humans. And so begins your battle for control of the 23 special districts of Tokyo.

Interesting turn-based combat and cards role-playing game

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, also known as Housamo, is a F2P RPG where you take on the role of an LGBT character. Download the APK file and, before starting to play the game, choose a personality, name, sexual orientation, and even voice, regardless of your chosen avatar.

Next, you will meet Lil' Salomon, a satyr who will explain what you just got into. The plot develops in two different parts. On the one hand, you have visual novel-style dialogues, where you can choose your own answers. And, on the other, the battles.

Travel across the vast map of the 23 districts of Tokyo with friends who emerged from the legends.

The battles are purely strategic and turn-based. In this sense, they are pretty similar to those of Tetra Master, the card mini-game of Final Fantasy IX. In this way, you must move your characters' cards on the board, taking into account the directions in which they can attack.

This is an original, fun, and exciting game that offers a plot every player can relate to. It also has anime-like illustrations, charismatic (quite hypersexualized regardless of their sex) characters, and lots of little details to discover.

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