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Tomb of the Mask is a game with a retro aspect in which we have to overcome loads of mazes full of dangers that get more and more difficult by the second

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Downloading Tomb of the Mask is like switching on a Sinclair Spectrum 30 years later. We're talking about a game governed by pixels and a basic 16-color palette, and if this weren't enough, it's absolutely brilliant.

Complete mazes without falling into traps and avoiding enemies

This is a game in which we'll have to explore complicated mazes where we'll have to collect all the blocks as well as coins and a few power-ups, but without forgetting that we'll come across plenty of different dangers on our way.

And we'll have to use all our wit to avoid dying on more than one occasion because our moves will be quite limited. For instance, our character is hard to control: if we want to move we won't be able to stop unless we bump into a wall. And if there's a trap on that wall... Game Over.

Luckily enough, we can make use of shields and other power-ups that we can purchase during the game or from the in-app store to protect ourselves if we use them appropriately. In any case, remember that there's almost always an alternative way to overcome each challenge.

We recommend you to download the APK of this addictive action game full of 2D mazes right now because it's perfect for nostalgic gamers as well as anyone who wants to have fun with a game with a simple approach.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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