TooManyTabs is a tool to increase the possibilities of using tabs in your Mozilla Firefox browser. TooManyTabs allows you to have several rows of tabs

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If you're one of those users that has dozens of tabs open at the same time while browsing the Internet, you'll be interested in TooManyTabs. It is a Firefox add-on that allows you to manage and improve the organization of the tabs you have open. Furthermore, with this tab system you can save system resources and you will notice how Firefox runs smoother.

Save your browser's memory.

Main features

  • Allows you to create all the rows you want and give them a name.
  • When we have many tabs open, we can organize them rows and assign a color to each one.
  • The rows we don't use will remain hidden, without using browser resources.
  • When we open a new tab, a yellow arrow will appear. If we click on it, the tab will be automatically moved to the active row.
  • Allows us to attach the tabs of our choice to the browser.

TooManyTabs has many advantages for tab-based browsing. We can organize the tabs visually, while we reserve Firefox memory resources to gain in browsing speed.

Don't hesitate and download TooManyTabs.

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