TopWinPrio is a program that allows you to provide priority to the program that you are using. Download TopwinPrio and give the active program more memory

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TopWinPrio is a simple tool with which you will be able to increase the priority of the program that you are using to manage to increase its performance. On many occasions you will have loads of applications open on your computer, but you will only be using one at a give moment in time. In general, the RAM memory will be shared out between all of them, in such a way that the computer will work slower. With TopWinPrio you will manage that the application that you are working with is the one with the highest priority in what regards to resources dedicated to it.

  This program works in the background, without you even realizing. TopWinPrio will detect the application that you are using and will put it in the first place on the priority list. Thus, that program will be the one with the highest priority when it comes to sharing the system resources.

  TopWinPrio will allow you to configure the update time after which it will try once again to detect which application is being used, or to set the priority of the programs that aren't being used to normal, below normal, or even inactive.

  TopWinPrio will help the applications that you use to have priority, and due to the latter, to work better and faster.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have a ZIP compatible compressor. It requires that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed.
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