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If you're worried about your communications' privacy and that someone may spy on you, start using Tor Messenger, a Tor-based instant messaging app

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You can communicate in a totally private manner using the Tor network using the services you usually use to chat with your contacts, whether Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk or Yahoo!. With Tor Messenger all your communications on these platforms will be routed through Tor to make sure they're totally safe.

Your route to the server remains hidden.

The interface might not be as stunning as we'd like it to be, but in these cases privacy prevails over aesthetics. By accessing Tor Messenger, based on Instabird, each message is encrypted, guaranteeing the user's anonymity and preventing anyone from spying on the communication.

Services compatible with Tor Messenger

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Jabber.
  • Google Talk.
  • IRC.

As you can see, thanks to this development you don't have to waive your favorite instant messaging programs searching for privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

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