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Thanks to Tor Messenger you'll be able to communicate via different messaging protocols with total privacy and preventing your messages from being spied on

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Privacy concerns are a common modern-day issue. Every day there are more and mores cases in which user communications are intercepted, therefore, everyone is becoming increasingly interested in communicating and sending messages safely.

Tor Messenger: an extra security layer for your chats

Tor Messenger provides security when it comes to accessing other messaging protocols through the Tor network, therefore, you'll become a user that's almost impossible to monitor.

Talk to your contacts without worrying about being spied on.

What chat protocols are compatible with Tor Messenger for Mac?

You can find some of the most important ones in this program:

  • IRC.
  • Jabber.
  • Google Talk.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Jabber (XMPP).

This messaging client is based on Instabird, in charge of encrypting each message and guaranteeing the user's anonymity.

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