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Browse safely without putting your identity at stake with Tor. This browser uses a proxy network to delete any traces generated by your browsing experience

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At present, there are many people that are concerned about protecting their personal details on the Internet. Tor Browser has become one of the most requested tools in this sense, as it allows us to browse totally anonymously.

People like Snowden have supported this project publicly.

Tor is based on three fundamental ideas: it prevents anyone from knowing which webs you browse, it lures you away from sites that try to find out your physical location and it allows you to access blocked websites.

How does Tor work?

  1. A random path is drawn using transmission computers from the Tor network when the a URL is typed in.
  2. Each computer on the network works like a router that sends the information to the following network relay.
  3. The information about the sent data is removed from every computer.
  4. New relays are configured every 10 minutes or so.

Using Tor is just like using any other browser. Type in the address you want to visit and that's it, although you can also carry out a close configuration of your settings in terms of cookies or incognito browsing mode.

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