TorChat uses the hidden Tor server so that people can chat privately and without being bothered. Never let your conversations be detected again with TorChat

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Despite the general globalization and that freedom of speech prevails in the majority of countries, there are still places in which it is impossible to express oneself freely, and where your conversations can even by intercepted, to avoid this, quite a few years ago the Tor hidden servers were developed.

  Thanks to these servers it is possible to communicate with other people at the same time that you are sure that your transmissions won't be intercepted. But to be able to use these services properly it is better to have a tool like TorChat.

  This small portable application allows the user to connect to the Tor servers and maintain conversations with other users anonymously and without having to worry about somebody detecting from where they are connected. The program's interface is very simple and to start off it only shows a window with the user's Tor network ID.

  Once assigned, the Tor ID doesn't change, and it will only be necessary to send it to your contacts to be able to speak with them without anybody interrupting them nor finding out what they are speaking about.

  These are the reasons why TorChat is one of the best ways to speak without losing anonymity, and to make it even better, it's free.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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