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The perfect online place to find torrents to download your favorite contents is called Torrent Downloads, one of the best torrent indices on the web

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Just like you use Google to search for web pages or documents, you could also do with a specialized search engine for torrents. We can't always resort to the big G for everything we need, it's great but we'll have access to even more functions if we resort to pages of the likes of Torrent Downloads.

There are all sorts of search engines, even to look for files within Mega. But this website, in particular, allows us to access all torrents available on the Internet, whether hosted on Mega or on any other download site.

How to use Torrent Downloads

The first thing we'll find on this page is a list of the most popular free torrents. Sorted into columns, we'll find:

  • Name.
  • Size.
  • Number of seeds (possible download servers).
  • Number of users with partial seeds.
  • Availability.

Let's delve into the seed issue: we consider a seed any person that has downloaded a file and is now sharing it by default. Partial seeds are people that are still downloading the file and therefore are only sharing the proportional part they've already stored locally.

After the previous list, we'll be able to access all sorts of contents perfectly organized: movies, software, music, games, animes, book, etc., which we can also find using the search engine on the upper part of the interface.

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Antony Peel
Torrent Downloads
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