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Download Torrent Harvester for free to able to download torrents and search for them using more than 80 trackers. Torrent Harvester offers many options

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One of the things that we generally find that is missing in the applications that have been developed to download and share files over the BitTorrent network is a decent search engine. Hardly any of the programs have a search engine and even in those that include one, it's rather strange to find one that works properly. So if you want to search for torrents from your desktop instead of on the Internet, install Torrent Harvester as soon as possible.

  Torrent Harvester searches automatically on up to 87 trackers or torrent file indexing engines, so that once it shows the results and we order them, we'll have dozens of options to choose from.

  When we look for something, we'll be able to select various categories, public or private torrents, IRC,... and once we have the results, we'll be able to organize them however we want, even by the amount of peers and seeds of each file, the most important data when it comes to choosing a file to download from the BitTorrent network.

  The software includes a very complete assistant, that opens as soon as we launch the application, thus helping us to get quickly used to the application.
Torrent Harvester
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