TorrentSpy is an application with which you can find out all the information related with any torrent file that you want to download to your computer

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Many of the torrent file search engines don't provide enough information about the files that you are going to download after adding the link to the download queue, and on many occasions this can cause real headaches, because you could be dealing with a fake, parts may be missing or it may not have enough sources available to download it quickly.

  TorrentSpy is a utility that will offer you the possibility, by simply dragging and dropping a torrent file on the main window, to view all the information about a specific download. It has a rather simple appearance, and it doesn't require being configured nor having any advanced computing knowledge to be used.

  The application allows you to see the files that form part of each package, who uploaded the file, how many active sources it has, if all the parts are available and, what's more, it has a section thanks to which you will be able to create your own torrent files. After checking that it is a file worth downloading, you will be able to place it on the download queue of your BitTorrent client.

  Now, thanks to TorrentSpy, you will never fail when it comes to choosing the best files to download.
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