Torus Trooper Linux

0.22 Beta

Torus Trooper is an addictive action and speed game alike, with which you can release some of your adrenaline. Download Torus Trooper to your PC for free

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If you really like apparently simple games that really hide an addictive playability and spectacular graphics, take note of Torus Trooper.

  It's a 3D speed game in which we're the classic spaceship that speeds along a twisting track that's full of obstacles and enemies.

  What really stands out of this game are its graphics, developed in simple colors that form simple rectangular shapes that, instead of giving it a poor appearance, they provide it of spectacularity.

  To this we have to add the speed with which we're going to fly and shoot at the enemy ships, that is extremely fast, converting it into a very addictive game.

  During the course of the game we'll discover different routes, where we will find elements that will increase our speed, will give us points or will heal our wounds.

  The really important thing is to reach the end of the track as quickly as possible in one piece and having eliminated as many enemies as possible, do you want to try?
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