9.04 Design and create your website with TOWeb. You can create blogs, photo albums... Download TOWeb and easily create your own personal space on the Internet
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TOWeb is the easiest way of developing your own website. Thanks to this software you will be able to create your own blogs, online shops, photo albums and a large variety of different websites in the most simple manner possible. If you don't want to resort to complicated solutions, this software will surely give you a hand.

Software to create webs and online stores

The interface of TOWeb is an assistant that will allow us to configure each of the options necessary step by step. To start off, we will be able to choose the different sections that our site will have, whether a blog, a welcome page, a photo album,... Once we know what we are going to offer to the visitors, TOWeb will urge us to fill in some very important fields and to choose a design from among the ones that it offers us.

Once we have customized the contents (we will even be able to upload videos) and finished the web, we will have to input our hosting service's details, so that the software takes charge of uploading all the files to the network. Thus, in a few minutes we will be able to visit it. What's more, TOWeb also offers us the possibility to send a notification to our contacts to let them know about our new web.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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