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Towelroot is an application that simplifies the process of rooting a phone, allowing us to acquire superuser permission by just pressing a single button

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Rooting an Android smartphone or tablet is easier than what you may think. You only need a lightweight tool like Towelroot that makes the process possible with just one button.

How does Towelroot work?

Well, there isn't much mystery to it: just download and install the APK and you'll only have to run the application. Just press the make it rain button, without even having to connect the phone to your computer, reboot it or anything similar. If the application isn't compatible with your phone, it will warn by via a message.

Acquire superuser permissions on an Android phone of any brand: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei...

The app has been developed by Geohot, the hacker capable of breaking the Sony PlayStation 3 security and jailbreaking an iPhone, and who now belongs to Google's Project Zero.

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