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Traffic Cop 3D turns you into a traffic police officer with the power to check license plates, to stop drivers and to see if they have broken the law

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We all fear that the police will give us a traffic ticket while we are driving, but what if the roles were reversed? In this lighthearted game we will be the law enforcement officers who are dedicated to punish drivers who violate traffic rules.

Enforce traffic rules

Traffic Cop 3D is a fun casual game with minimalist graphics in which we are traffic cops. Our mission is to patrol, check the license plates of vehicles and punish irresponsible drivers.

The levels are divided by days. To complete the day we have to fill in the green indicator by performing various police actions.

In the bowels of the city, a policeman alone faces the dangers of traffic.

The patrol car moves forward automatically, so we will only have to turn it sideways and point the scanner to check the license plates on the fly. After a few seconds the system will give us the available information about the driver.

We must decide whether we want to let him go, stop the vehicle or ram him. Once we have a driver on file, we have the option to do nothing, issue a fine or arrest him depending on his infraction. In addition, the game also has special levels in which we will participate in police chases.

Think you've found a criminal? Then scan his license plate and test your instincts.

It is a simple and beautiful game with a very cool graphics that is perfect for having a good time without major complications. We just have to download the APK file and get into the patrol car.

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Shay O’Toole
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