TranslateIt! is an easy-to-use translation tool that can come in handy. Find out any word that you don't know the translation for with TranslateIt!

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In certain fields of work and when you spend a lot of time browsing the Internet it's rather common to bump into foreign languages, some of the most common being Spanish, German and Russian, and even though each day it is more common for people to have studied foreign languages, it is always a good idea to have access to an application like TranslateIt!.

Instant translations

The translation program has two basic ways of working, it can be used directly from its interface to be able to look up a specific word or it can be activate by means of a keyboard shortcut after simply selecting a word in a text.

TranslateIt! can be very useful, because it allows you to translate a total of four languages, offering translations between:

  • English and German
  • English and Spanish
  • English and Russian.

Furthermore, TranslateIt! offers you the possibility to add additional words to the dictionaries, so that it can learn as time goes by, and it even offers you the possibility to check the English Wikipedia entry for any word.

Download TranslateIt! to know at any moment the meaning of anything you read.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
  • This application requires an active Internet connection.
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