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With Travian you will find yourself in Europe twenty centuries ago, fighting to form you own Empire. Choose between Gauls, Romans and Teutons in Travian

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Play online with Travian and recruit your own exercise to lift an empire and fight for the conquest of the world.

With Travian you will find yourself in the period of the Roman Empire during its conquest of Europe, with the possibility to play with Romans, Gauls and Teutons, with the difficulty varying depending on the civilization you choose. If you are starting as a beginner you will have one hundred and forty four hours playing before you are moved on to the next difficulty level. During this tim you will learn how to play before you face bigger challenges.

Start the game from scratch, creating your village step by step and to do so you will have to complete the missions you are assigned, which will be focused towards getting humans recources and materials. You will have to get ready to explode the surrounding are is a very profitable way and thus accelerate the raw material production rhythm. These make it easier to build more buildings and get together with the soldiers. You will also be able to find out the statistics of the servers players which are connected with the most powerful and who you have formed an alliance with.

Enter the Travian community and have a good time playing online building your empire.

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