TrayEverything is a tool that minimizes all programs to the system tray. Download TrayEverything for free and avoid all of the windows getting in your way

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There are quite a few program that when we click on the X to close them stay open in the system tray, beside the watch. It is a behavior that we appreciate in many kinds of programs that we commonly have in the background and that TrayEverything will help us apply to the rest.

  With this program we can make any window that we have open, whether the Windows Explorer or any kind of software, can be minimized to the system tray, occupying less space and becoming practically invisible.

  Once we have launched TrayEverything, it will show us a list of all the windows that we have open, and it will allow us to minimize them. What's more, it allows us to configure it so that it only works on a specific application.

  The programs interface is very clear and simple, and once any software it minimized it will be marked with its own icon, so that it is easier to recognize it when we want to maximize it again.

  Without any doubt, minimizing any application to the systray can be a great advantage in many situations.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
Massimo Galbusera
Over a year ago
3 months ago
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