Treasure of Nadia

51092 After his father's death, the protagonist of Treasure of Nadia for PC, will inherit his house and become a treasure hunter and a lady's man just like him
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NLT Media, Lust Epidemic's creators, is back with a new erotic game: Treasure of Nadia. Treasure of Nadia is a real achievement within its market, the game is developed incredibly well with an engaging and interesting story that gets away from the typical fetishes of this genre, without strange perversions or absurd stories.

A treasure hunt with a happy ending

It is a graphic adventure with a fairly common storyline, but a good one and that is enough for a game of this genre. The protagonist, after his father is buried and he inherits his house on a tourist island, realizes that his father was a rich treasure hunter in a very particular way.

In the game, you will have to go on adventures in different caves and jungles where you search all kinds of treasures and artifacts to become as famous as your father was. But, do not forget that this is an erotic game. So, in this x-rated 'Indiana Jones', 'Uncharted', or 'Tomb Raider', besides looting tombs, you will have to seduce up to 12 different women that you will meet in different situations across the game: a librarian, a grave robber, a shop assistant, and more.

Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
NLT Media
This year
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