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TreeView X is a tool that will help you to create concept maps following a hierarchical structure. Download TreeView X and easily order all of the concepts

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There are different kinds of diagrams and mind maps, but one of the most important is the one that provides a hierarchical order to a series of elements, in such a way that it is obvious that the elements have more importance inside an organization or know the sources of other components.

  TreeView X will help us with the creation of all kinds of diagrams. It is an application that, by means of a system of ramifications, is capable of helping us to express the importance of a component regarding its sublevels, in such a way that we can create family trees or represent a range of products in an easy and simple way.

  Once we have created the diagram we will have the option to print it from the program or export our work as a JPEG, in such a way that it can be shared or used in a project or presentation very easily.

  Now you can start to develop your diagrams based on hierarchic levels of elements with TreeView X.
TreeView X
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