Download Tremulous free, an FPS in which the main characters are aliens and humans. Tremulous will allow you to play as both, each with exclusive skills

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Tremulous is an open source FPS (First Person Shooter) for computers. Take part in all kinds of battles and armed shoot-outs between humans and aliens to avoid that your opponents manage to gain control of your operations center.

Despite the fact that its graphics aren't outstanding, you will have a great time thanks to its dynamic and quick playability, which guarantee a high level of action. Grasp your weapon and wipe out your opponents!


  • FPS for PC.
  • Take part as any of the two sides available: humans or aliens.
  • Use weapons while you play as the humans or your body to inflict all kind of damage as an alien.
  • Build up to 16 different structures.
  • Realistic physics engine.
  • Flexible maps system.

And what side are you on?

While you form part of the humans you will obtain money each time you kill an opponent. You can use it to buy new and more powerful weapons, armor and items. If on the contrary you are an alien, each kill will allow you to evolve towards a new more powerful species with unique skills.

The objective is clear: eliminate your opponents. Nevertheless, you won't manage this objective by simply killing them. You will also have to destroy the structures set up by your opponents, that can be used for all kinds of functions, one of them being the most important: revive players after their death. There are also defensive, healing structures, etc.

Download Tremulous for free and start playing a shooter full of action and entertainment.

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