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Eliminate CoolWebSearch trojans once you download Trend Micro CWShredder for free. It analyzes the computer, lists the existing dangers and gets rid of them

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Trend Micro CWShredder removes CoolWebSearch trojans from your computer free of charge. It doesn't require being installed and it updates independently to eliminate the last existing versions of the spyware.

Wipe out the CWS trojans

CoolWebSearch is the name used for a specific kind of Trojan known as “browser hijacking”. They are capable of controlling, keeping track and sending all the activity of a computer in secret. For the user, the result translates into an incorrect functioning of its system with performance loss, errors, publicity pop-up windows, and changes to the home page to make it

The software acts by analyzing your PC and checking for the existence of a Trojan of this class. Once you have finished the scan of the computer it will present you with the potential threats on a list, that you'll be able to eliminate using the corresponding option. With Trend Micro CWShredder you'll be completely safe despite these threats.

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Antony Peel
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