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2.0 Beta Download Trend Micro RUBotted free and make sure you don't suffer any bot attack on your computer. Avoid losing control of your PC with Trend Micro RUBotted
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Many users run the risk of losing control of their computer due to attacks with bot programs. If you want to avoid infections with this sort of malware, the best thing you can do is entrust the security of your computer to a program like Trend Micro RUBotted.

An efficient barrier against botnets

Trend Micro RUBotted has improved the detection of unknown bot clients, optimizing its capacity to clean and disinfect affected computers. Compatible with other security programs, it integrates perfectly into the computer's system without the user even noticing, unless infected. Then, by means of a pop-up window, it will proceed to remove the problem and will put the user in control of the console from which it will offer all the details of the cleaning process.

Becoming part of a botnet can mean completely losing control of your computer.


  • Detection and disinfection of bot malware.
  • Detection activities in the background.
  • Automatic removal.
  • Control console and complete information about the actions carried out.

By downloading Trend Micro RUBotted any computer will be safe against the risk of becoming part of a botnet.

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