Trillian Download Trillian for free, a chat client compatible with MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ and AIM. See all your chat conversations in one place using Trillian
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There are many instant messaging clients, and it is common for users to have more than one account. With Trillian you can connect simultaneously to four of the most used IM clients: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ and AIM.

With programs like Trillian you won't need to login to each service individually to talk to your contacts. Just start your session and Trillian will unify all of them into a single interface.


  • Chat client compatible with several services.
  • Send text, audio or make video calls.
  • Many customization options for organizing contacts.
  • Use skins to modify the interface.
  • Start conversations on your computer and resume them on your mobile device. Synchronizes both conversation histories.
  • Update your profile on four social networks at once: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, which now also supports GPS.
  • Use all kinds of emoticons in your conversations.
  • Adds support for other services, such as IRC, via plug-ins.

10 years offering a perfect service

Before, this program was known by the name of Trillian Astra. Today it maintains the same functions and exceptional performance that helped it to become one of the most used multi-platform chat clients.

The best chat client for your desktop and phone.

With Trillian you can distinguish your contact's source through dedicated icons, easily visible on the interface. This way you'll have all your contacts located. You can also install many plug-ins that increase the client's options.

Download Trillian for free and you can talk to everyone at once.

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