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Tripoto is an app with which you can plan your trips and share itineraries with other users. Join their community and discover the most amazing destinations

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Tripoto is an alternative to applications such as Google Trips. This app gives us access to a large community of users who share their itineraries, tips, and travel recommendations. This apps makes it easier for you to plan your trip since you will build on the experience of other users who have already been there. That is, if you are planning to travel to any destination, here is the place to find valuable information that will prove very useful.

Discover the most stunning destinations

Thanks to Tripoto’s user community, you can access itineraries, stories, locations, experiences, hotels, tour packages, the works! It is also the perfect place to share your own experiences and help other members plan their trips.

These are the main features and functions of this app for travelers:

  • Explore travel guides shared by other users and plan itineraries and destinations for your own trip.
  • Check information about many places you can visit.
  • Start your travel blog and share the information with other users.
  • Earn credits with your blog, photos, and videos, and redeem them in reservations.
  • Explore the different hotels where you can stay and the tour packages you can hire on your trips.
  • Trip planner with route maps and itinerary planners.
  • Access its forums to share your experiences and read those of other seasoned travelers.
  • Follow prominent members of the community.
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