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Trolldor helps us to monitor the behavior of users on Twitter to be able to know whether they are trolls. Discover trolls on Twitter by accessing Trolldor

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Trolls can end up confusing users of certain services. On many occasions, useful information may be lost among so many malicious comments that only intend confuse and alarm people. To be able to detect this sort of user on Twitter you can make use of Trolldor.

The blacklist of troll Twitter users.

How does Trolldor work?

How to use this online application is really easy, you only have to input the name of the Twitter user that seems suspicious and you'll receive a report almost instantly.

Trolldor analyzes different data that are indicators of the user's behavior:

  • Percentage of own tweets and retweets.
  • Ratio of tweets with and without links.
  • Average daily tweets.
  • Number of followers.
  • Mentions.
  • And others.
Requirements and additional information:
  • The service allows you to analyze up to two Twitter accounts a day without registering (if you sign up, you have an unlimited amount of analyses for free).
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