TrueCrypt can create up to 32 virtual drives to save your private files and protect them with an encrypted algorithm. Download TrueCrypt to your PC for free

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Whether in a professional or personal environment there are always various files that we don't want to be seen or played by anybody due to the fact that their contents are totally private. To protect this kind of file we can resort to certain sorts of applications like TrueCrypt.

Create encrypted virtual units for your files

This peculiar program allows us to create up to 32 virtual units (or use a partition created previously) to be able to store our files encrypted using the encryption algorithm of our choice, and perform this encryption on-the-fly, without any reading and writing delay due to parallelization and pipelining.

Once we have determined the size of the virtual unit, we can choose the algorithm (Twofish, Serpent or AES-256), provide the unit with a password and start copying all our private documents on it.

Don't allow anyone to access those documents that you want to conceal or that include private information with TrueCrypt, a free and reliable option to carry out this task.

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Antony Peel
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