TubeMaster++ is an application to download multimedia contents from pages like Megavideo, YouTube or DailyMotion. Download TubeMaster++ for free on your PC

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Many current websites provide us with thousands of multimedia contents via streaming that turn out to be completely impossible to download directly from their servers. This is the case of DailyMotion, YouTube, Megavideo, Songza, or Goear.

  TubeMaster++ is an application that will help us to find videos and songs through these sites and download them to our computer in the format of our choice. This small tool written in Java incorporates an appealing interface, by means of which we can search for the multimedia contents we want by type or site.

  Each search result obtained will come along with a short description, thanks to which we'll always know what we're downloading. Furthermore, it will allow us to preview contents, before downloading them to our hard drive, which can be really practical if we don't want to download videos "blindly".

  Get ready to multiply your video collection and music library by one hundred with TubeMaster++.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Java installed on your computer to work.
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