TubeMate Tips & Tricks: the best help to solve problems on Android

Watching videos on your Android device, whether it is a smartphone or tablet, without the need for an internet connection, is possible thanks to TubeMate Youtube Downloader. This application from the Devian Studios, the company in charge of its development, is simple to use, but at the same time, functionally complete. There are many alternatives, but none with the history and fame of TubeMate. If you are one of those who want to watch a video or audio again and again without consuming data, of course, you must previously download it via WiFi and store it, you must get this application.

Since TubeMate, when downloading videos from YouTube, violates Google's policies, we will not find it inside Google Play, but here. Do not worry because we have a series of tutorials that will explain, among other things, how to download the TubeMate APK and use it.

And also what to do after downloading it. Through these tutorials, we will show you how to use the application, and its main function that is to download videos. Through a series of tips and tricks, you will become an expert in downloading videos and audio. You will know how to download and what formats and resolution to choose, you will know how to download music from your favorite videos either in MP3 or AAC format with a quality of up to 128 kbps. You will know how to search for videos using the integrated search engine you have or browse through recommended videos. We will show you how to choose, among other things, the download folder of your device to have the files located.

Also, we will show you some inconveniences that may happen such as the possibility of having problems downloading videos and how to solve them, or some tricks to improve your user experience.

And of course, we will answer the questions that come up about this application, such as the terms of legality or security in downloads, since users often ask themselves how legal and safe it is to use an app of this type and why it has not passed through the controls of the Google Play Store.

We will also show you what Malavida's editors have said about this application and why they recommend it. And of course, if there are any more questions or doubts about the app, do not hesitate to contact us through the comments or social networks and we will try to help you solve them.

Opinions about TubeMate: pros and cons

The TubeMate Youtube Downloader application is a benchmark for video downloads. Here are the opinions of our Malavida editors about the app:


TubeMate or Vidmate: comparison and differences

The main function of both applications is to download videos from the Internet. And we talk about the main one because while that is exclusively the function of TubeMate, in the case of Vidmate, the app has more functions, but let's go step by step.


Is TubeMate YouTube Downloader safe?

The TubeMate YouTube Downloader app is safe. There are no reports of threats to user privacy. The fact that it is not in Google Play is because it violates the terms of use, but it is safe.


Is TubeMate YouTube Downloader legal?

Downloading TubeMate is legal, not prohibited. What you do with the downloaded videos is another matter, as they may infringe on intellectual property rights. In the end, the responsibility for the downloaded videos lies with the end-user. The difference between watching a streamed or downloaded video is minimal. From a section of the application, the developers warn that the downloaded videos are intended for personal use and enjoyment, but not for distribution or commercial use.


What is TubeMate YouTube Downloader and what's it for?

If we talk about top applications outside Google Play, TubeMate YouTube Downloader is one of them. This is an application to download videos from YouTube. Also, although the word YouTube appears in the name, videos can be downloaded from other video streaming platforms.


How to install TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Although TubeMate YouTube Downloader is not in the official Google store, it is extremely easy to install on our Android device. There are alternative sites such as our own website from where you can always get the APK, but make sure you use reliable sites. In our case, we scan every file we offer with dozens of antivirus programs. We will only have to follow these simple steps to install the app.


How to update TubeMate YouTube Downloader

It is well known that Google Play regulations are very restrictive and there are a lot of very good applications that do not fit into the Google store. One of them is TubeMate YouTube Downloader so we will not be able to update it from there. To do this, we will show you two methods so that we can have the latest version of this application on our device:


How to download music with TubeMate YouTube Downloader

To be exact, TubeMate YouTube Downloader converts a video to audio-only. This is as easy as downloading the videos as we will show you below.


How to download videos from YouTube with TubeMate

Having the ability to download any video from YouTube or even convert it to audio if you need to, is very easy from the TubeMate app. To do so, we are going to show you a series of steps to be able to do it easily:


How to use TubeMate YouTube Downloader without adverts

If you are one of those who when downloading an application, is annoyed by so many ads, we must say that TubeMate Youtube Downloader is one of the applications that have less advertising. Also, the banners are not invasive at all or annoying so you do not have to worry. But to tell the truth, this application does not have the option to be used without advertising.


How to uninstall TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Like other applications installed on your device, the uninstallation of TubeMate is done identically and with several options:


Why TubeMate YouTube Downloader doesn't let me download videos

The most common is the Internet connection. If you download it with data, it may be consumed, and when the speed is reduced, it may not be able to download the video. If on the other hand, the download is done via WiFi, the signal may not arrive correctly. This would require checking whether or not other applications using the Internet are working properly.


How to use TubeMate YouTube Downloader

It is clear that we all like to watch YouTube videos. What is also clear is that, if you do not have a high data rate, you consume the GB before the end of the month, and nobody likes that. In this guide, we will teach you how to download videos with TubeMate YouTube to see the videos when you want without spending data.


December 15, 2020. Translated by Manuel Sánchez