The most common is the Internet connection. If you download it with data, it may be consumed, and when the speed is reduced, it may not be able to download the video. If on the other hand, the download is done via WiFi, the signal may not arrive correctly. This would require checking whether or not other applications using the Internet are working properly.

We should also check if the application has the latest version, because if it is obsolete, it may cause a failure. If we go to the Malavida website, we will find the latest application version.

Another reason, if it is not the Internet connection, may be a software failure, either of the application or the operating system of the device. That said, the best thing to do is the mythical solution of restarting or turning off and on in case of using a mobile device, or closing and reopening the application.

And finally, and most importantly, it is a shutdown of the YouTube service to the application. As they are unofficial applications, Google usually puts more restrictions on them. In this case, we would only have to wait for a new version of the app or some news from the developers.

In short, and in this order, these will be the things to check:

  1. Check internet connection, either data or WiFi
  2. Check for the latest version of the application
  3. Possible software failure, both device and application
  4. YouTube shutdown of the service

Do not forget that downloading videos from YouTube is not allowed and this application is not within the Google store.