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TubeTV is capable of downloading Flash videos and converting them to the format of Apple devices, like the iPhone or the iPod. Download TubeTV for free

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TubeTV is a free program that allows you to download all kinds of Flash videos from the Internet, with the added possibility to covert them directly to the specific format of Apple TV, iPod and iPhone using the H.264 codec.

  To make this task even easier, the program has an integrated web browser to be able to visit the websites on which the videos that we are most interested in are hosted (with the exception of YouTube, due to the new storage method that isn't currently compatible with the application), once we have it on the screen, all we will have to do is click on the icon with an arrow pointing down on the interface, and the program will automatically start downloading it.

  Furthermore, in the program's preferences, we'll be able to specify if we want the video to be converted automatically to the format of our choice as soon as the download finishes, or on the contrary, if we want to save it on the hard drive in Flash format, with the possibility to convert it later.

  Optionally, we will have the possibility to search for the videos by means of the browser that we use by default (Safari, Firefox, Camino or OmniWeb), and then click on the capture URL option integrated into the program.

  So, if you want to download your favorite videos from the Internet and have them ready for the format used by the most sold gadgets by Apple (iPod and iPhone), download and install TubeTV.
Requirements and additional information:
To work properly, this program requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or above, QuickTime 7.2 or above and Perian 1.0 or above.
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