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With Tumblr you can publish all sorts of contents on the web and interact with other users. Tumblr combines the concepts of blog and social network

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Blogs and social networks are two of the happenings that have contributed towards making the Internet even more popular over the last years. One of the tools that has combined both concepts with great success is, without doubt, Tumblr.

Publication of social contents on the web

Tumblr is a microblogging application aimed at users that publish all sorts of contents. Its great ease of use and the possibility to be customised to the maximum extent has helped it to become one of the most popular content publication platforms. Nevertheless, the definitive element that has won the users is its social functions, as they allow users to follow the activities of other users and get in touch with them.


  • Publication of seven different types of contents, such as texts, images, quotes, videos, audio clips, links or conversations.
  • Follow the activities of other users.
  • Tag contents.
  • Schedule publications.
  • Reblog the publications of other users.
  • Publication of contents on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Possibility to allow collaborations.

Combining two successful formulas can only mean more success

Tumblr has meant a small revolution in the blogging and social network world. Its developers have known how to combine perfectly the concept of publishing contents of tools such as WordPress with the speed, simplicity and sociability offered by Twitter.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need an email address to register as a user.
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