Identify the name of a song with Tunatic. Download Tunatic free and find out the artist and the title of the song that you are looking for on the Internet

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When you're listening to the radio or watching TV, and you suddenly hear a song that you like, but you have no idea at all about its name, the easiest option is to use Tunatic. This small program is capable of identifying songs and showing their name so that you can acquire them.


  • Find out the name of a song in a few seconds by simply using a microphone and an Internet connection.
  • Minuscule interface that won't interfere with your daily work.

Obtain the artist and the song in seconds.

How to use it

When you play a song on your PC, you will only have to click on the magnifying glass icon. In just a few seconds the program will contact the servers in order to search for a coincidence.

Once it has found the song, Tunatic will show the author and the title, as well as a series of links to websites from which you will be able to get hold of it so as to enjoy it whenever you want.

Download Tunatic for free and expand your music collection with the songs that you like most.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a microphone and an Internet connection.
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