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If you like music and games like Guitar Hero, get ready to play your own songs with many difficulty levels on TunesHolic, an app for Android devices

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This fantastic musical game offers us a great variety of challenges with different difficulties and a very eye-catching and exotic electronic and modern environment. Our mission will be to play the musical notes that slide from the top of the screen at the right time according to the music, in the same style that Guitar Hero or Rock Band works. As you correctly press the keys, the bar will fill up and change the color of the buttons.

Play your favorite tracks

TunesHolic has five base songs, but that is not a problem, as it offers us the possibility to add our favorite songs to the collection, generating automatically musical notes that match the melody quite well. All you have to do is have the songs stored in your Android library. The app supports almost all formats, such as MP3, MP4, WAV or 3GP.

The best realtime rhythm action game with your favorite songs!

Choose your difficulty

One of the best aspects of this game is the huge amount of difficulty customization options it offers. In addition to the typical levels (easy, normal, difficult and extreme), you will be able to choose the speed of the notes and the number of key lines (from three to eight). Also, we will be able to buy items that will help us progress through the levels, such as the "auto" option, with which the game will automatically play the song for only 15 seconds.

It may not be a very original game or have a neat design, but it offers many possibilities, including 12 characters and several ranking systems. If you want to test your musical skills and reflexes, this is the perfect game to exercise your fingers.

Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
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