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Grab Tuquito, a Linux distro designed to meet the needs of the home user. Tuquito focuses on multimedia use, social networks, webs and office applications

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If you want a Linux distribution aimed at the home user try out Tuquito. With it, you can get your computer ready for the web, social media applications and office suites.

A distro for all audiences

Tuquito develops on several interesting fronts for the home user. Its developers have paid special attention to the use of social networks and office suites. They have emphasized on its compatibility, allowing the use of Windows files, as well as constant security updates that are designed to prevent virus infections from the web.

Among the selected software included in Tuquito you'll find:

  • gThumb Image Viewer.
  • Jdownloader download manager.
  • LibreOffice office suite.
  • Garfio 2.5 to burn optical discs.
  • Medibuntu, Playdeb and GetDeb repositories.

Cared visual aspect

Tuquito 5 Pampa is based on Ubuntu 11.04 and has taken great care of its visual appearance. It has been given a soft color. This has helped to improve its usability, helping the user to feel much more comfortable with handling it.

Feel free to download Tuquito, a simple and manageable Linux distribution.

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