TurboDbAdmin is a program that allows you to manage all the databases once it is installed on a web server. Download TurboDbAdmin and try out its functions

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Any web service or project worth mentioning has a database. And even though there are several ways of managing a web server database, the easiest and most accessible way is by doing so by means of an interface based on webs such as TurboDbAdmin.

Manage MySQL databases

TurboDbAdmin is a small development that, once installed on a web server, allows the user to manage all the indicated databases by using a very intuitive and well-known interface. Looking something like the Windows file explorer, this simple but powerful interface makes use of Ajax technology to offer eye-catching and at the same time functional animations that will make our work more bearable.

The databases that TurboDbAdmin manages, for now, can only be based on MySQL, and once installed, the php/config.php file has to be edited to indicate the access data (user and password).

With TurboDbAdmin it's possible to browse all data tables, edit, insert and remove entries on Apache or IIS servers, with PHP4 or above and MySQL 3 or above.

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Antony Peel
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