TurboWire is a download client for the Gnutella network, the quickest and most secure network available. Download TuboWire free and download music, films...

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More than twelve million files, mainly music, video and games, await you on the Gnutella networks, that are well known due to the fact that they are the fastest, most secure and stable ones to share files.

  TurboWire is a Gnutella client similar to LimeWire, that presents many new and interesting features that improve the search options as well as the control over the downloads.

  If other Gnutella projects add support for BitTorrent, TurboWire adds support for the Direct Connect protocol, that's one of the quickest and most secure P2P systems around.

  It can auto-connect, browse through the multimedia contents of other users, perform multiple searches and allow us to manually add the hosts to connect to Gnutella.

  TurboWire offers very complete information about our connection, with data about its quality, the status of the firewall, the number of files being shared and the bandwidth being used.

  It comes with a correct multimedia player so that we can play all the multimedia files stored in our library. And it also has different skins so that each user can use the one that he/she likes the most.

  The only Gnutella client with support for Direct Connect!
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Java installed.
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