How to use TutuApp on Android

TutuApp is very simple to use. When you access it for the first time, you will find an initial screen very similar to that of any other store. In the Home section, you will see popular applications that may interest you.

Home screenHome screen

From here, you will also access the download and installation history, represented by a cloud icon and an arrow.

Download historyDownload history

Also, using the upper text field, you will quickly locate your favorite games and applications.

Search tool for applicationsSearch tool for applications

Finally, by tapping on the top left button, you will enter TutuApp's personal settings.

Access the settingsAccess the settings

There, you will find the Settings button, which allows you, among other things, to customize the TutuApp experience to adapt it to your needs. In the Personal Center, you can also search for updates or edit your personal profile, if you have one.

Other TutuApp settingsOther TutuApp settings

We continue our review of TutuApp with the Game section. It shows the best games available on the platform. Of course, most of them are modifications and do not correspond to the official version.

Games sectionGames section

Something similar happens in App, a place where official and modified versions of the most popular applications are indiscriminately agglutinated. There are also less known developments.

Apps sectionApps section

Ranking is the place to go if you are looking for the most downloaded apps on TutuApp. The top podium shows those that occupy the first three positions.

Top downloadsTop downloads

Forum allows you to access the TutuApp forum, where users ask questions and get answers about their favorite games and applications. The content is mostly in English.

TutuApp pictureTutuApp picture

Before finishing this review of the interface and the main functions of TutuApp, we can take a look at the tab of each application. Taking Instagram as an example, you can see that, once again, the design pattern is very similar to the rest of the stores. It is possible to bookmark an app, install it quickly, see its screenshots or read a description.

Download an applicationDownload an application

It is clear, then, that using TutuApp doesn't involve any major difficulties. In fact, if you are used to downloading applications from other sources, such as the Google Play Store, the user experience you will find will be very similar.