Is TutuApp legal?

The installation and use of TutuApp is not illegal. However, its use is not recommended for some reasons. The first is that, in addition to official applications, it distributes modifications of the clients of various services, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. It also allows free downloading of paid content. This can seriously jeopardize the integrity of your device and your personal data, make you lose your user in some games or lead you to violate the laws protecting intellectual property in your country.

On the other hand, TutuApp requests too many permissions when running for the first time. With them, it will be able to manage calls, control your location or verify the use you make of your terminal. Likewise, it can also request access to the camera or to your contact list. Of course, all these demands are excessive for an application whose main function is to download applications. Moreover, being a Chinese app, it is not governed by the strict data protection laws of the European Union or other similar bodies.

In short, if your intention is to use TutuApp as an alternative to the Google Play Store to download the official versions of your favorite apps, we recommend that you consider using other safer stores, such as Aptoide. On the other hand, if you just want to take a look at the content published on TutuApp, verify that you download its installation file from a reliable source, such as Malavida. But, remember: ultimately, you are solely responsible for downloading rogue applications and the possible consequences.