What permissions does TutuApp request during the installation?

The installation of TutuApp does not require any specific permissions. In fact, it is enough to download its APK, or its installation file, and run it to have this alternative app store on your terminal. However, when you run TutuApp for the first time, you do need to grant it several permissions.

First of all, TutuApp will ask you to manage calls. Remember that this allows you to make them, even without you noticing.

Access to callsAccess to calls

Next, you will need to grant it access to your location. In this case, there is the option to allow it only if the application is in use. However, TutuApp is usually kept open in the background. Therefore, for all practical purposes, it will be able to access your location whenever it wants to.

Access to your locationAccess to your location

The third permission required for TutuApp to work is access to storage. This is undoubtedly the most logical of all, as it is necessary for the downloading of applications to proceed normally.

Access to the storage spaceAccess to the storage space

The permissions that we have shown you must be accepted by clicking on Allow. But it doesn't end there. Next, a pop-up message will appear asking you to go to Usage access, section where permission is granted to access the usage data of the device. In this case, select TutuApp.

Access to usage dataAccess to usage data

Then, activate the slider you will see on the screen.

Allow access to the usage dataAllow access to the usage data

After this, TutuApp will work correctly. If you decide to deny any of these permissions, it will disappear directly from the screen, although, suspiciously, it will remain open in the background. There are two permissions that the application does not ask for in its initial configuration but that it can demand at any time. One of them is the access to the camera and the other is the management of contacts. It is important that, before making this type of concessions lightly, you consider to what extent it is worth giving up so much private data to such an application.