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Tux Paint is a painting program for children of ages 3 to 12 which is used in schools across the world. You can download Tux Paint free for Linux systems

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Tux Paint is an acclaimed painting program for children aged between 3 and 12, which is used in schools across the world as a learning tool.

Tux, the Linux mascot, will take care of guiding the little ones in the handling of the canvas and the multiple painting tools and effects available. Everything is simplified thanks to an easy-to-understand interface adapted to their needs.

Features of Tux Paint

  • Painting software for children, intended for learning purposes.
  • Multiplatform application.
  • Distributed under the GPL license, therefore, free of charge.
  • Includes sound effects.

There's no need to worry about anything, as this software is designed to be used by children with total freedom, helping them to become familiar with the computer while developing their creativity.

Boost your children's artistic skills by downloading Tux Paint free for Linux.

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